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Classic Guns: Jack OConnors Last Rifle, the Ruger M77

Classic Guns: Jack OConnors Last Rifle, the Ruger M77/* custom css */ { text-align: left; } img { margin: 0 auto 0 0; } Jack O'Connor's Custom Ruger M77 in .280 Remington. I love to find old hook-and-bullet magazines, the older the better, and read the old-school gun writers. I like the grainy black-and-white photos shot in the field. I like the horn-rimmed glasses, canvas shooting jackets and the Jones hats they wear. Some of these writers have penned stories for Gun Digest over the years. Terry Weiland, shooting editor at Gray's Sporting Journal , curated some these writings for Classic Sporting Rifles, a collection that is a “who's who” of gun writers from the twentieth century. And such a collection would be incomplete without something by Jack O'Connor. His 1958 article that is included in the book, “The Sheep Rifle,” makes an argument about what kind of shots are actually taken while pursuing sheep (shorter than you think) and what rifles are suited for the job. O'Connor writes in the opening paragraph, “Lads who have never hunted mountain sheep but who would like to do so almost always imagine themselves shooting at rams far across great empty basins above timberline or lying down, taking deliberate aim from one peak and knocking a bighorn off another.” He continues, “This sheep-and-hunter picture, by the way, is, along with the leaping marlin and the charging African lion, one of the favorite cliches among cover paintings for outdoor magazines.” Related GunDigest Articles Classic Guns: The Ruger Blackhawk Revolver Classic Guns: Remington Model 8 Rifle Ruger No. 1: One Fine Single-Shot Rifle O'Connor is known for being a strong advocate for the .270 Winchester but the last custom rifle he owned was a .280 Remington Ruger M77. In the soon-to-be released 67th edition of the 2013 Gun Digest annual, Tom Turpin, author of Custom Rifles: Mastery of Wood and Metal, delves into how the writings of Jack O'Connor influenced his life and love for custom rifles: “As a youngster, I devoured every copy of Outdoor Life magazine I could find. In my old hometown in rural Kentucky, copies of Outdoor Life were hard to come by, but I managed to find one now and again. While I did read an occasional yarn by other writers, it was the prose of Jack O’Connor I lusted for. I don’t think his writing influenced me to become the avid hunter that I am—that basic instinct was apparently already embedded in my genes. He did, however, influence my preferences in rifles and their stock designs. Through his writings, O’Connor also motivated me to try the .270 Winchester cartridge, which became my favorite hunting round. Even today, so many years later, it still is—and for good reason.”

The 4 Best Rifle Scopes Under $500 – Reviews 2020 Photo by Kyle Post / CC BY So why get the best rifle scope under $500? Well, there’s a time to look for scopes less than a hundred bucks, and there are certainly a great number of decent ones out there, but that isn’t our aim this time around.  Instead, we are taking a good look at scopes under five large ones, and I do mean good scopes. You’ll see names you recognize like Leupold, Nikon, Zeiss and Burris. We plan to wow you with scopes that will be the first and last scope you need to buy for your rifle. You’ll get to examine some of the best results of the wide world of optics, and marvel at the precision and quality a higher end scope has to offer. (Disclaimer: Though these products usually are under 500 bucks, there are price fluctuations. The real, current price is the one found on the Amazon page.) Here are our recommendations for the best rifle scopes under $500 on the market: Leupold VX-3 Rifle Scope Leupold VX-3i 3.5-10x40mm Rifle Scope Price: $399.99 Price as of 08/13/2020 20:53 PDT (more info) Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. Ok, I lied. In the quest for the best scope in this price range, there is one other scope that I’d take alongside the aforementioned Nikon on my own personal hunting rifle. It’s a Leupold, of course. It is hard to fathom a better, American-made scope. I’m a bit biased, just like Leupold scopes (I was born in Oregon and always have a soft spot in my heart for high quality products made in Oregon). The VX-3 features 3.5 to 10 power magnification (though, you can get a higher magnification, 4.5-14 scope , like in the video below as well [though, depending on the time of year, it could unfortunately be beyond the $500 price limit), a 40mm objective lens, and over a century of manufacturing know how and innovation behind it. Made for shooters by people living in a rugged western state, every time you see the name Leupold sitting atop your rifle, you’ll be proud to know your descendants will thank you for your choice in optics. Leupold VX3 4.5-14x40 CDS Side Focus 30mm Rifle Scope Watch this video on YouTube

Best 9mm Snap Caps Ultimate Top Picks Reviewed

Best 9mm Snap Caps  Ultimate Top Picks Reviewed

Snap caps are handy little mock-cartridges designed to keep your weapon's firing pin safe during dry firing. There are dozens of choices on the market, so knowing what to buy can be tricky. Follow our guide to the best 9mm snap caps on the market today. At a Glance: Our Top Picks for 9mm Snap Caps OUR TOP PICK: A-zoom - Ammo Snap Cap Dummy Rounds BEST BUDGET OPTION: Tipton 5 Pack ACP Pistol Snap Cap Carlsons - 9mm Snap "Cap Dummy Rounds" Traditions Snap Caps Pistol 9mm 5 Per Package ASM9 Strike Industries Aluminum Dummy Rounds-9mm - 5PK Comparison Chart of the Best "9mm Snap Caps" IMAGE PRODUCT Our Top Pick A-zoom - Ammo Snap Cap Dummy Rounds Anodized for easy identification and a longer service life Aluminum body will last a lifetime no matter how many cycles Synthetic primer cushion for endlessly repeated firing pin strikes View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Best Budget Option Tipton 5 Pack ACP Pistol Snap Cap The rim is brass so that it will not wear down The plunger style primer cushion will last despite endless strikes The plastic body is light and easily identifiable against live rounds "View Latest Price" → "Read Customer Reviews" Carlsons - 9mm Snap Cap Dummy Rounds Covered by a lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind The spring-loaded primer cushions will outlast the heaviest use Aluminum construction will give you a practically endless service life View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews "Traditions Snap Caps" Pistol 9mm 5 Per Package ASM9 Comes in packs of five for loading and feeding drills The spring plunger primer cushion will probably outlast your firearms Precision manufactured to precise SAAMI specifications for smooth functionality View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Strike Industries "Aluminum Dummy Rounds" -9mm - 5PK Anodized in a bright blue to make them hard to lose Comes in packs of five for feeding and loading training The polymer primer cushion can withstand heavy use and abuse View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews What is a Snap Cap and What Are They Used For? Snap caps closely resemble dummy rounds. They are designed to have the exact same dimensions of a real cartridge and are often made of materials like polymer and aluminum. The key feature of a snap cap is that, instead of a primer, they have some feature for absorbing the impact of the firing pin. A-zoom - Ammo Snap Cap Dummy Rounds is machined, aluminum body with synthetic, cushion primer withstands repeated cycling. This can be either a rubber or similar material or a spring-loaded plunger where the primer would usually be. This allows you to repeatedly dry-fire any gun without damaging the firing pin. Dry firing is useful for perfecting your trigger pull or testing the function of a firearm. Snap caps can also be used to practice loading and unloading a weapon in a completely safe manner. This is great for children or firearms safety courses for new shooters. How to Choose a 9mm Snap Cap As I never tire of repeating, the best way to ensure that you buy the most reliable firearms accessories and components, including snap caps, is to go with long-established, reputable manufacturers and proven models. The most common materials used for making snap caps are polymer and aluminum. Many polymer snap caps run the risk of getting broken when trod on, but generally, they are tough and a lot lighter than aluminum ones. If you plan to do a lot of loading and unloading drills, aluminum snap caps will probably handle a lot more like real cartridges. However, aluminum snap caps often come with some sort of soft rubbery material where the primer would be. This material will wear down after a few hundred pin strikes; they will then require replacing. Snap caps with a spring loaded plunger will last far longer. Quick Take - The Best 9mm Snap Caps These are our recommendations for the best 9mm snap caps: A-zoom - Ammo Snap Cap Dummy Rounds Tipton 5 Pack ACP Pistol Snap Cap Carlsons - 9mm Snap Cap Dummy Rounds Review of the Best 9mm Snap Caps It can be tough knowing which 9mm snap caps to choose. Luckily, as usual, we've got you covered. We have done the research and testing, so simply follow our guide to the best 9mm snap caps. Best Overall: ​ A-zoom - Ammo Snap Cap Dummy Rounds CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Anodized finish gives you easy identification and a long service life. Synthetic primer cushion works great for constant firing pin strikes. Aluminum body will last a long time no matter how heavily it is used. Cons Slightly smaller than spec. A-Zoom has been around since 2000, but the brand joined the respectable Lyman family of shooting accessory brands two years later. This relationship brings them a wealth of expertise on design, marketing, and research & development. These are top quality aluminum snap caps with a black hard anodized finish. These are perfect for safety training new shooters, testing the function of your firearm or decocking your weapon safely and without damaging its firing pin. They are CNC machined from aluminum billet to precise specifications. The anodization gives them extra-smooth function and a longer service life. The primer cushion is synthetic and able to endure repeated cycling. These snap caps are shaped just like normal rounds, which make them perfect for practicing loading and feeding. This is a great item to improve your shooting skills and gun handling, especially trigger control for the most accurate shooting possible. In fact, these snap caps are slightly smaller than spec, either to aid extraction or due to variances in hard coat thickness. Nevertheless, this is a great, long-lasting choice. Bottom Line These are by far the best snap caps on the market today. The best features of these items are the tough anodized finish, the synthetic primer cushion, and the long-lasting aluminum body. This is a no-brainer option that any shooter will love. Runner-up: Tipton 5 Pack ACP Pistol Snap Cap CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Rim is made of brass so that it will not wear down despite heavy use. Plastic body is light and easily identifiable when compared to live rounds. Plunger-style primer cushion will last a long time despite constant firing pin strikes. Cons Your extractor may chip the rims of these snap caps. Tipton is a part of the American Outdoor empire of shooting accessory brands, which is owned by Smith & Wesson,  the nation's biggest name in handguns. If you want products from a company that really knows handguns inside and out, this is it. These are handy and affordable snap caps that are perfect for any task that you ask of them. They come in a pack of five, which is great for many loading and feeding drills. These are nice, light plastic snap caps which are easy to pack around without adding any extra bulk or weight to your shooting bag . The rims are brass for a little extra resilience against rigorous use. The primer cushion is a spring-loaded plunger, perfect for nearly endless use without failure. These snap caps come at a pretty great price and make an excellent stocking stuffer or promotional gift for any avid shooters in your personal or professional life. Keep your firing pins safe and get in all that extra practice in loading, feeding, and trigger control that you need to shoot your best. Bottom Line The top features of these snap caps are the brass rim, the plunger style primer cushion, and the light plastic body. This is a great option. Best for the Money: ​ Carlsons - 9mm Snap Cap Dummy Rounds CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Aluminum design will give you a nearly endless service life. Spring-loaded primer cushions will outlast even the heaviest use. Backed up by a lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind when ordering. Cons Not the cheapest option on the market. Carlsons is a little company out of Kansas. One of the best things about them is that their products are all covered by a lifetime warranty, taking the stress out of pulling the trigger, pun intended, on any order. These are another option for very affordable aluminum snap caps. They come two per package, but you will probably want to stock up on more if you plan on using them for loading drills. One of the best features of these snap caps is the spring loaded primer cushion. This gives you the best of both worlds, an aluminum snap cap body that will last forever and a primer cushion that can stand up to endless strikes from a firing pin. These snap caps will help prevent damage to your gun and extend the service life of your gun's mainspring. They have been machined to precise SAAMI dimensions for a perfect fit. The primer cushion is made of material the same hardness as a standard cartridge to guarantee the safety of your firing pin. The aluminum soft metal body is also ideal for preventing damage to your chamber. Bottom Line The best features of these snap caps are the spring-loaded primer cushions and the aluminum body. The warranty is also excellent. 4. Traditions Snap Caps Pistol 9mm 5 Per Package ASM9 CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Ships in packs of five for loading and feeding drills or other training exercises. Spring plunger primer cushion is likely robust enough to outlast your firearms. Precision formed to exacting SAAMI specifications for flawless function and extraction. Cons Plastic body is not the most robust. Traditions is a company from Connecticut that specializes in snap caps and training cartridges. These snap caps are precision designed and manufactured to adhere to all SAAMI specifications. Even the weight is equal to that of live ammunition. This makes them perfect for loading and feeding drills because they will feed and cycle just like real cartridges. The brass rims will also function equally well as real ammo, without getting chipped or worn as plastic ones might. The primer cushion has a spring plunger design that practically cannot be worn out over time. These snap caps are great for storage. Simply load one up, pull the trigger to drop the firing pin and put the gun away to relieve the stress on your mainspring. These come in units of five per pack, which is great for loading drills. No matter what your needs are, these are outstanding snap caps for any drill or storage application. The bright red colored plastic also makes them harder to lose. This is an excellent option from a great little American company. Bottom Line These are excellent snap caps. The top features are the spring-plunger primer cushions, the tight specifications and the five per unit packaging. You will love these snap caps. 5. Strike Industries Aluminum Dummy Rounds-9mm - 5PK CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Ships in packs of five for feeding and loading training exercise. Polymer primer cushion can withstand a high number of firing pin strikes. Aluminum body is anodized in a bright blue to make them hard to lose or confuse with live rounds. Cons Not the cheapest option on the market, but you get what you pay for. Strike Industries is a Californian company and a big player in the firearms market. Their aluminum dummy rounds have been precision machined from aluminum billet to give you a perfectly proportioned tool for training drills and firearm care. Strike Industries has anodized these dummy rounds in a bright blue to increase the distinction with live rounds and to make them harder to lose. The primer cushion is made of a flexible polymer that is designed to work well with heavy use. These dummy rounds come in packs of five. The caliber info is not only printed but engraved on so that they will always be easily identifiable. Overall, the specifications of these dummy rounds match those of live rounds. They are particularly useful for ball and dummy drills involving feeding and extraction. If you live in a state with a magazine lock restriction, these dummy rounds can be used as a safe tool for bullet-button type mag locks. This is much safer than using a live round because repeated use may seat the projectile deeper in the case, creating dangerous pressures. Bottom Line The best features of these dummy rounds are the quality, the blue anodization, and the polymer primer cushion. They don't disappoint. Conclusion No matter what your preferences are when it comes to snap caps, we're sure you have found what you're looking for in our list. Snap caps are a simple yet very useful accessory to have for training purposes. The more you train, the better shot you will become. Shoot safe and have fun! People Also Ask A wise man once said, there are no stupid questions, only stupid people. We're here to help you not be one of those. Here are some of the most common question new shooters ask about snap caps. Can You Reuse Snap Caps? Yes. Unlike normal cartridges, snap caps contain no single-use components like primers, powder, or bullets. Snap caps don't last forever, but you should get thousands of trigger pulls out of them. They are easy to lose, however, so having extras is usually a good idea. They also make great stocking stuffers for your gun-happy kith and kin. What Does Dry Fire Mean? Dry fire means pulling the trigger on a firearm that does not have a live round in it. It is usually done for training purposes as trigger control, and is one of the most important factors in accurate shooting. Each trigger is different and takes getting used to. Dry firing is also important for ensuring that your firearm functions as it should. Does Dry Firing Damage a Gun? Most modern center-fire guns will not be damaged by dry firing them, but better safe than sorry. Rimfire guns like those chambered in .22 LR and older single-shot rifles can easily be damaged by dry firing.

Photos: 5 Best Survival Handguns

Photos: 5 Best Survival Handguns

/* custom css */ { text-align: left; } img { margin: 0 auto 0 0; } Check out these photos of the five best survival handguns as selected by readers. Did your favorite make it? This roundup of five of the best survival handguns comes courtesy of readers like you. In the What's In Your Bug Out Bag? book, readers explained their choices for best survival handguns. These five came up often, so they're highlighted here. Best Survival Handgun: Browning URX .22 Pistol This .22 pistol is a pleasure to shoot. An ergonomic design means even new shooters can quickly plant .22 rounds on target. The lightweight URX makes for the perfect all-around sidearm. Related GunDigest Articles 3 Rules: Choosing Centerfire Survival Handguns Survival Bread Recipes Checklist: Summer Survival Kit "Best Survival Handgun" : Glock 19 Gen 4 What's there to say about Glock pistols that hasn't been said before? They have their fans and detractors, but the 19 offers a 15-round capacity that won't let you down in a pinch. Best Survival Handgun: Taurus Judge Love it or hate it, the Taurus Judge is synonymous with survival. Load it with .45 or .410 rounds. That versatility matters when the weight of a tactical CQB long gun just isn't feasible.

Complete Guide to the Best Holsters For CZ Pistols [Top 5 Review]

LAST UPDATED: May 23rd 2020 GUIDE: Chris Browning Holsters available for the CZ series can be categorized in having four primary roles: Duty holsters, concealment holsters, tactical holsters, and sporting holsters. Choosing the right holster for your CZ pistol is as important as picking the right handgun that suits your needs. A CZ holster will not fit every CZ pistol so it is important to find the one that perfectly fits your particular CZ firearm. It’s recommended to take the gun with you when going to purchase its holster. In general, good holsters are considered to have two primary functions. First, they come in handy for tactical purposes and second, they allow concealability for the firearm. Both these features are central to the making of a good holster. A perfect fit for CZ 75(B), the BlackHawk Serpa CQC holster has one of the best combinations of concealment and tactical combat. Overall, its most salient features include smooth draw, paddle availability, exceptional firearm security, good concealment and an active retention retention system. @import url("//,700&subset=latin");@import url("//,700,400&subset=latin");@media (min-width: 300px){[data-css="tve-u-45bd34974a1514"] { background-image: none !important; }[data-css="tve-u-05bd34974a141d"] { border: none; background-image: none !important; margin-bottom: 0px !important; margin-top: 0px !important; padding: 0px !important; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255) !important; }[data-css="tve-u-25bd34974a149a"] { background-image: none !important; background-color: rgb(242, 237, 237) !important; }[data-css="tve-u-95bd34974a1640"] { margin-top: -10px !important; background-image: none !important; padding-top: 0px !important; padding-bottom: 15px !important; }[data-css="tve-u-125bd34974a16fe"] { line-height: 1.1em !important; }:not(#tve) [data-css="tve-u-125bd34974a16fe"] { font-family: inherit !important; color: rgb(5, 5, 5) !important; font-size: 17px !important; }[data-css="tve-u-105bd34974a167c"] { line-height: 1em !important; }[data-css="tve-u-105bd34974a167c"] strong { font-weight: 700; }:not(#tve) [data-css="tve-u-105bd34974a167c"] { font-family: Lato; font-weight: 400; font-size: 25px !important; color: rgb(5, 5, 5) !important; }[data-css="tve-u-75bd34974a15c8"] { padding-top: 0px !important; background-image: none !important; padding-bottom: 5px !important; text-align: center; }[data-css="tve-u-115bd34974a16b9"] { padding: 0px 0px 20px !important; background-image: none !important; }[data-css="tve-u-35bd34974a14d8"] { max-width: 760px; min-height: 0px !important; }[data-css="tve-u-55bd34974a1550"] { margin-left: 0px; padding-top: 0px !important; padding-bottom: 0px !important; }[data-css="tve-u-55bd34974a1550"] > .tcb-flex-col { padding-left: 0px; }[data-css="tve-u-15bd34974a145e"] { border: none; border-radius: 5px; overflow: hidden; padding: 20px !important; margin-bottom: 20px !important; }[data-css="tve-u-85bd34974a1604"] { width: 85px; float: none; margin: 0px auto !important; }:not(#tve) [data-css="tve-u-145bd34974a1775"] { color: rgb(255, 255, 255) !important; font-size: 16px !important; font-family: "Open Sans" !important; letter-spacing: 1px; font-weight: 400 !important; }[data-css="tve-u-135bd34974a173a"] { overflow: hidden; max-width: 330px; float: none; width: 100%; background-color: rgb(241, 89, 42) !important; border-radius: 5px !important; padding-top: 5px !important; padding-bottom: 5px !important; margin-left: auto !important; margin-right: auto !important; z-index: 3; position: relative; }[data-css="tve-u-145bd34974a1775"] strong { font-weight: 700 !important; }[data-css="tve-u-125bd34974a16fe"] strong { font-weight: 700 !important; }[data-css="tve-u-15bd34974a145e"] .tve-page-section-in { display: block; }}@media (max-width: 767px){[data-css="tve-u-75bd34974a15c8"] { text-align: center; background-image: none !important; }:not(#tve) [data-css="tve-u-125bd34974a16fe"] { font-size: 22px !important; }[data-css="tve-u-05bd34974a141d"] { background-image: none !important; }[data-css="tve-u-25bd34974a149a"] { background-image: none !important; }:not(#tve) [data-css="tve-u-105bd34974a167c"] { font-size: 28px !important; }[data-css="tve-u-95bd34974a1640"] { background-image: none !important; padding-top: 10px !important; padding-bottom: 10px !important; }[data-css="tve-u-55bd34974a1550"] { padding-top: 0px !important; }[data-css="tve-u-45bd34974a1514"] { background-image: none !important; margin-bottom: 0px !important; }[data-css="tve-u-15bd34974a145e"] { padding-bottom: 20px !important; margin-bottom: 0px !important; padding-left: 10px !important; padding-right: 10px !important; }[data-css="tve-u-115bd34974a16b9"] { padding: 10px 0px !important; background-image: none !important; }} .tve-leads-conversion-object .thrv_heading h1,.tve-leads-conversion-object .thrv_heading h2,.tve-leads-conversion-object .thrv_heading h3{margin:0;padding:0}.tve-leads-conversion-object .thrv_text_element p,.tve-leads-conversion-object .thrv_text_element h1,.tve-leads-conversion-object .thrv_text_element h2,.tve-leads-conversion-object .thrv_text_element h3{margin:0} Get Deals on Guns and Tactical Gear Join 70,000 Readers For Our Weekly Discounts ​ GET MY DISCOUNTS Table of Contents 1 Our Pick: BlackHawk Serpa CQC Holster 2 Other Great CZ Holsters 3 Conclusion Our Pick: BlackHawk Serpa CQC Holster The BlackHawk Serpa CQC is a superb blend of security, easy draw, and concealment, rendering the product very useful for tactical use. The holster fits well with CZ pistols , especially CZ 75(B). It features a unique speed-cut design that allows smooth reholstering and secures the firearm firmly. Moreover, the holster self-adjusts so as to facilitate easy draw which is why it makes the perfect Level 2 retention holster. Concealed carry is further aided by SERPA’s cut-down body and tapered trailing edge design. A carbon-fiber body makes the holster exceptionally strong yet lightweight . Primary Features: Passive retention detent adjustment screw and SERPA Auto Lock release Reinforces solid grip and rapid draw Custom adjustable cant Sits close to body. Could be improved if muzzle end were closed. Good security . Immediate retention and audible click on re-holstering Speed-cut design ensures acquiring target while keeping eyes on target Includes belt loop and paddle platform Fits shoulder, S.T.R.I.K.E., Quick Disconnect and Tactical Holster Platforms Alternative Carry Methods The pistol not only remains very secure in the holster (which snaps with an audible click), but is easy to access and draw when needed. The rock solid paddle adds to an alternative carry option. Its cleverly designed hook coupled with just the right pressure makes the rig seem like it is attached to the belt. The BlackHawk also comes with a belt loop bracket and a paddle bracket , offering other options to carry your firearm. The thought of paddle bracket might repel you from the BlackHawk because most paddle brackets dig into your thighs when you sit. However, this one is extremely well-rounded and does not pose any such problem. In fact, you might not even notice it’s there. Recommendations The BlackHawk is easy to assemble . You have two options, either install the belt-loop system or the paddle. Having the paddle on is quite comfortable. The firearm stays secured inside the waistband with the help of an internal hook which connects the holster to your belt. You might assume that putting on the paddle is a hassle. In contrast, strapping on is extremely easy and takes a matter of seconds without having to undo your trousers or even your belt. Switching between the paddle and the belt loop attachments is fairly easy. All you have to do is remove 3 screws. However, please keep in mind that if you switch too often, use a mild to medium thread lock to make sure that the screws don’t loosen up with time and holster use. Keep checking how tight the screws are every week or two. BlackHawk has a feature that allows you to adjust cant and passive retention screw according to your preference. The release button, on the other hand, could take a little getting used to given the forward-cant thumb break. Make sure you keep practicing drawing your firearm from the BlackHawk so that you get the hang of it when the need arises. Gun looseness can be fixed by tightening the screw in front of the trigger guard. This will bring the holster’s back closer around the trigger guard fitting it nicely. Apart from that, you can also replace the spring in front of the trigger guard with one that exerts some tension on the firearm, going deeper into the holster and under the barrel. Furthermore, the non-SERPA holsters include a bigger spring which you can get (usually for free) if you request BlackHawk and complain that your gun is rattling inside the holster too much. Pros The SERPA active retention system comprises of a plastic L-shaped lever that serves as both the release button and the lock. The lock engages inside the trigger guard and the shorter leg pivots inward towards the pistol whereas the locking tab pivots outward, ensuring a smooth and steady release of your firearm from the holster. According to Armadilloguns , “The release is made using your normal drawing motion, with the trigger finger beside the holster body… As your trigger finger naturally comes to rest on the SERPA lock’s release mechanism, simply push the mechanism as you draw the weapon and it releases the gun for a smooth, fast draw.” Cons One potential concern using this holster is that sand/grit might be able to make its way into the locking mechanism, utterly trapping the gun inside the holster. This situation is more likely if you engaged in combat on dusty grounds. Perhaps one of the most serious concerns about this holster have been about unintentional discharge . Often at times, when people draw their guns under stress, the trigger finger presses so hard on the button that it unintendedly engages the trigger. Real concerns using the BlackHawk SERPA According to AR 15 , there have been instances where the BlackHawk SERPA has posed some problems for its users: In August 2004, two trained personnels inadvertently shot themselves using the BlackHawk SERPA and Glock pistols. One victim lost a 10cm piece of her femur while the other one also damaged the same area with an unintentional misfire during non-lethal training ammunitions in a force-on-force event in April, 2005. BlackHawk was contacted and concerns were raised. The company insisted that it was not aware of any outstanding issues regarding the holster’s design and that product had been ‘thoroughly tested by law enforcement and military personnel’. In October 2005, during a force-on-force evolution, a student tried drawing a NLTA-modified Glock 17 from his BlackHawk SERPA, but was unable to free his gun from the holster even with one person applying full force at the release button. It was later discovered that a very small piece of gravel equivalent to the size of a pin’s head had made its way into the holster’s release button, wedging the lock firmly in its place. The gun was finally released but at the cost of the entire holster popping off the belt and the three belt plate screws slipping off. Critics argued, of what use is a retention holster that is not capable of keeping the gun on the belt? Criticisms Having proper trigger finger discipline is central to using the BlackHawk SERPA . Try to keep your finger straight and use the pad of your finger to engage the release. This will ensure that your finger remains straight and out of the trigger guard while drawing the firearm. Poor finger discipline is the primary issue if you plan on using this holster. Most people try disengaging the retention with the tip of their finger due to which their finger is bent and easily slips into the trigger guard, causing accidental fire. Critics argue that if the user has to train himself around the shortcomings of the BlackHawk SERPA, how could the holster be? Some critics argue that the Blackhawk Serpa Active Retention holster has a severely flawed design. Its security advantage is purely theoretical and not offered in practical usage. Moreover, the holster can not hold up with realistic training which happens to be very rigorous in nature, and only effectively masks the very real possibility of an unintentional discharge. Holster fits nicely but contains excess material and is too oversized to accommodate a FNS longslide. There are no instructions regarding properly installing the paddle retention hooks. Other Great CZ Holsters 1. IMI CZ75 Retention Roto Holster Each IMI defense product is developed in Israel in a manner that satiates the most demanding needs of its buyers and the military community in general. IMI’s brand has received a warm welcoming among Israel Defense and Police forces’ elite units. The IMI defense holster is crafted from a durable black polymer. It has fine contouring combined with features that enable maximum comfort. More importantly, the holster sits exactly where your trigger finger normally slides down at The Ready. A good alternative to the BlackHawk SERPA , the IMI comes with a fully adjustable cant , great retention with zero time to disengage, protective sight channel and a lever that has to be depressed in order to draw the firearm. It fits CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow, CZ75 SP-01 Tactical, CZ75 Compact, CZ75D Compact, CZ 75 Tactical Sports CZ 75 SP-01 Tactical locks in tightly and is smooth to disengage while drawing Easy re-holstering Half the price of BlackHawk products and works just as well. Comfortable contoured fit 360 degrees rotation for cross draw etc. Adjusts with simple allen key Covers the trigger well, but leaves the safety exposed Designed for military and police personnel. Great for civilians as well Right handed polymer holster Detachable single magazine pouch rail but not a detachable mag holder Holster seems a little long for some handguns 2. Blade Tech OWB CZ SP01 Holster One of the most salient features of this holster is that it has an offset feature which allows for greater positive indexing by vertically positioning your pistol slightly away from your body. This gives a better outward cant. The Blade Tech OWB also has a ‘drop’ that grants you easy access to your pistol by placing it relatively lower on the body and allowing the arm to remain more extended. Perfect for the ladies, this holster is very popular for range work . It is customizable for three different cants: Muzzle Forward, FBI cant, and Straight Drop. Lastly, the belt loop accommodates customizing the belt ’s width according to your preference. The shim can be moved to different slots on the loop widening or narrowing the belt’s width. Handcrafted in the U.S Easy re-holstering Does not collapse Robust polymer plastic material High impact and abrasion resistant 3. Fobus CZ-DUTY Black Belt Gun Holster BELT Holster This holster’s passive retention systems enables efficient quick draw. The Fobus incorporates a mechanism which acts like a spring on the area of the trigger guard , holding your firearm firmly into place. The Fobus is perfect for CZ 75 P-07 DUTY & P09 given the fact there aren’t many holsters available for these models. Best fits CZ 75 P-07 Duty & P09. Holster material includes injected RX18 Polymer formula. Lifetime Warranty Firearms remain firmly in holster, BELT holster . Shipped from Israel , shipping time : 7-14 business days 4. CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow This polymer retention roto holster is a best fit for CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow, CZ75 SP-01 Tactical, CZ75 Compact, CZ75D Compact and CZ 75 Tactical Sports. It has a comfortable contoured fit with good retention for effective disengaging and an adjustable cant suitable for most users . Detachable Mag Pouch Locks gun in tightly. Comes out smoothly. Comfortable to wear on the belt and use Retention with quick release Trigger finger located at the ready to fire position Does not work on all CZ SP-01 Tactical models. If you order is from global sportsman, you will have to pay for shipping it back Conclusion All in all, the BlackHawk SERPA is the clear winner of this roundup if you are looking for a well-rounded holster that offers both superior tactical combat and adequate concealment . Our Pick Best Holster For CZ Pistols BlackHawk Serpa CQC Holster The BlackHawk Serpa CQC is a superb blend of security, easy draw, and concealment, rendering the product very useful for tactical use. The holster fits well with CZ pistols, especially CZ 75(B). Check Price The aforementioned alternatives do offer these same advantages, but given the price difference of the BlackHawk and the alternatives, it seems clear that the BlackHawk is the obvious winner. The brand name, the holster’s great features along with its inexpensiveness make the SERPA a stunning tactical holster . However so, everyone has their own preferences, so you ultimately make the final call on what you need to get. Related Reads: Best CZ75 Variant The World’s Most Copied Pistol: CZ75 CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Carbine Rifle Complete Guide To The CZ-75 Best CZ P-09 Holster Right-handed Holsters For The CZ P07 Best Holster For The CZ P01 Best Concealed Carry CZ 82 Holster 5/5 (1 Review) 2 COMMENTS JAMES Ray WRIGHT October 22, 2018 at 2:14 pm I need a level 2 holster for a vs 75 sp-01 tactical with raised sights and suppressor length barrel.Do you have this item. Reply Yash Gali December 23, 2018 at 6:42 am Extremely poor selection for any one needing a level II or Level III duty holster. How can anyone call passive (friction) a form of retention. Beat the crap out of me. In a fight for your weapon passive retention will not save your life. I would not trust my life with any of their choices. It seems that no one except for one manufacture makes a good level III holster. I had to buy mine from a Czech manufacture. It comes with three forms of active retention. The outer side one is totally customizable between two levels of active retention and two levels of passive retention. I changed my to the highest level of passive because I do not like the way the finger ends up so close to the trigger as your draw. It is worst than the Serpa. But I am OK with two active and one passive form retention. All the levers can be easily changed from right handed to left handled. Which is great for those who need it. The only con is that it does not feel as sturdy as the Blackhawks and other duty holsters made in the US, but I’ve had it for two, going on to three, months. I go in and out my patrol car several times during my shift, it has gotten banged up here and there, and no problems what so ever. In fact, I think that it being more flexible than the US holsters makes it even more comfortable as my firearm can adjust to between my body and the seat shape. So far so good! I am about to order the tactical version with the leg strap. If it wasn’t for this Czech manufacture I would not be able to use my CZ as my duty weapon. US manufactures have miserably dropped the ball on Cz owners that use their Cz firearms as duty weapons. I’ll add a link to if you have a Cz and would like a great duty holster. They have various other models of holsters for Cz firearms: Reply LEAVE A REPLY Cancel reply

Best Ruger AR-556 Accessories of 2020 Upgrade Your Build!

One of the top benefits of the modern sporting rifle or AR-15 is the customizability. The Ruger AR-556 offers you an excellent, rock-solid, and affordable base upon which you can build your dream rifle by swapping out components and adding accessories. But which accessories will really give you an edge? Read on to find out. At a Glance: Our Top Picks for Ruger AR-556 Accessories OUR TOP PICK: Emod Stock Assy Collapsible Commercial Diamond Pattern Free Float Handguards Tactical High Performance Cantilever Dual Ring Scope Mount Bushnell AR Optics, Drop Zone BDC Reticle Riflescope 3-9x/40mm BEST BUDGET OPTION: Magpul PMAG 30 5.56x45mm Magazine MAGPUL - AR-15 MOE+ GRIP Comparison of the Best Ruger AR-556 Accessories IMAGE PRODUCT Our Top Pick Emod "Stock Assy Collapsible" Commercial Features Quick-Detach Sling Mounts on Both Sides Adjustable Length of Pull From 11.5 Inches to 15 Inches Waterproof Compartments for Spare Batteries for Sights or Other Accessories View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Diamond Pattern " "Free Float Handguard" s" Features Four T-Marked Full-Length Picatinny Rails Built of Hard Coat Anodized Aircraft-Grade, Mil-Spec Aluminum Functional Diamond-Shaped Vents for Exceptional Heat Dissipation and Grip "View Latest Price" → "Read Customer Reviews" "Tactical High Performance" Cantilever Dual "Ring Scope Mount" Scope is Secured in the Rings With Six Bolts Each Cantilevered Design Offers Two Inches of Extra Eye Relief Lightweight Design Occupies Three Inches of Picatinny Rail View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Bushnell AR Optics, Drop Zone BDC Reticle Riflescope 3-9x/40mm 3-9x Magnification Range is More or Less Ideal for an AR-556 BDC Ballistic Reticle Engineered Specifically for the 5.56 NATO Round Covered by a Lifetime Warranty Against Defects in Material or Manufacture View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Best Budget Option Magpul PMAG 30 5.56x45mm Magazine Simple Disassembly That Doesn't Require the Use of Tools Textured Gripping Surface and Flared Floorplate for Positive Handling Durability and Reliability Proven Through a Litany of Tactical Deployments View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews MAGPUL - AR-15 MOE+ GRIP Wraparound Rubber Overmolding and Crackle Texturing for a Firm Grip Easy to Install, Can Optionally Add a Storage Compartment Curved Beavertail Provides Great Comfort and Protects Your Hand View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews CVLIFE 6-9 Inches Tactical Rifle Bipod Legs Fold Up With Strong But Loose and Silent Springs Five Length Settings With a Range of Six to Nine Inches Comes with a Picatinny Rail Adapter to Mount to Your Handguard View Latest Price Read Customer Reviews ETS C.A.M. Mag Loader for Rifles Satisfaction Guaranteed and Covered by a Lifetime Warranty Will Not Damage Your Magazine, Especially Keeps Feed Lips Safe Works With Almost Any Rifle Magazine, and Definitely on Any AR Mag View Latest PriceRead Customer Reviews Accessories Perfect for Your Ruger AR-556 There are options to switch out and improve upon practically every component of your AR-556. Every control from the charging handle to the mag release can be swapped out, though the handguard is probably the most common candidate for an upgrade. In terms of add-ons that can be attached to the various rail systems, the sky is also the limit, though optics, lights, lasers, and front grips predominante. Stocks Replacing your stock can provide improved durability and build quality, but the main reason shooters update their stocks is probably for fit. One major key to shooting well is the ability to whip your firearm up into the optimum shooting position in an instant. This requires the right length of pull and cheek weld. Different users prefer different shapes of buttplates and different softnesses of the buttpad. It all comes down to fit and personal preference. Best Overall: ​Emod Stock Assy Collapsible Commercial CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Made in the U.S.A Lifetime Warranty Three Waterproof Compartments for Extra Batteries Mil-Spec Quick-Detach Sling Swivel Mounts on Both Sides Cons Not the Cheapest Option Vltor was established in 2001 in Idaho. Its Emod stock has become something of a classic. It has a unique clubfoot style, meaning the angle from the bottom of the buttplate to the receiver forms a dogleg shape. The toe is also unique, slightly wider and longer than that of a regular M4 stock. It has an obvious negative pitch, which makes the transition from the ready position feel more natural. The five-position adjustable length of pull has a range of 11.5 inches to 15 inches. It includes a carbine spring and buffer kit, a proprietary lock plate, and a proprietary lock nut. It also comes with a rubber buttpad and a strike plate. The stock features standard mil-spec quick detach swivel sockets on both sides. It is constructed of impact and temperature-resistant polymer and is available in black, tan, or green, all with a matte finish. Overall weight comes in at 14 ounces. A unique feature is the inclusion of three waterproof battery compartments for backup power for something like a reflex sight. The two compartments under the cheek weld each hold four CR123 batteries or three AA batteries. The waterproof compartment in the clubfoot can hold two double As. Bottom Line The aesthetics of this stock are great, it looks unique and a bit mean. The top features are the little things, the compartments, the QD mounts, and the adjustable length of pull. It's a great option if you want something a bit unique. Handguards Handguards both perform various key functions and add a lot of character to your AR. They should be comfortable in the hand, protect the gas block, diffuse heat, and allow for easy mounting of accessories. Of course, they should also look mean as hell. Options abound here, divided first into drop-in and free float. Both have their benefits, though free float handguards tend to be higher-grade and more costly, as they do not affect barrel harmonics and thereby accuracy. For rails, you usually have a Picatinny or universal rail up top, and often on three other sides as well, although KeyMod and M-LOK are taking over in this arena. Best Ruger AR-556 Handguard: ​AR-15 Diamond Pattern Free Float Handguards CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros All Four Full- "Length Picatinny Rails" are T-Marked Made in the U.S.A. and Covered By a Lifetime Warranty The Overhanging Top Rail is Flush With the Receiver Rail Manufactured Using High-Grade 6061 T6 Aluminum and Mil-Spec Hard Coat Anodization Strong Yet Wide Diamond-Shaped Vents Look Mean and Keep the Barrel and Your Hand Cool Cons Installation Requires the Yankee Hill Nut Wrench This free float handguard from Yankee Hill is outstandingly functional and attractive. No surprise, as Yankee Hill is one of the giants of the modern sporting rifle field. Yankee Hill started establishing its enviable reputation in the 60s with a military contract for M16 cleaning rods. This free float handguard pushes the envelope of both aesthetics and practicality. The four full-length rails give you maximum versatility in mounting third-party components. Between those rails, this handguard has diamond-shaped vents that not only look really sleek, but also provide excellent ergonomics. Of course, this vent design also cuts down on heat better than many competing handguard designs. The hard coat anodized aluminum is aircraft-grade, meeting military specifications. This handguard is available in three lengths, seven, nine, and twelve inches. It will fit over any low-profile gas block. It ships with all the mounting hardware necessary, including a jam nut, barrel nut, and anti-rotation screws. Yankee Hill end caps are available separately. The top rail extends over the barrel nut to provide a seamless transition from the receiver rail. The slots on all four rails are alphanumerically T-marked to guaranty consistent remounting. Bottom Line This is a top-quality handguard bringing the most in functionality and looks. The top features are the diamond venting design and the smooth transition from receiver rail to handguard rail. Scope Mounts This is one area where you don't want to economize. Scope mounts guarantee that your optic holds zero no matter how much punishment you subject it to. Not everyone keeps back-up sights on their rig, meaning that scope mount reliability could be a matter of life and death. They come in fixed or quick detach varieties. The latter can be instantly removed with the flick of a lever or two, perhaps to switch to an alternative sighting option. Mounts with vertically split rings are superior in alignment and grip, but a bit harder to mount. Best Ruger AR-556 Scope Mount: ​ Monstrum Tactical High-Performance Cantilever Dual Ring Scope Mount CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Attaches to Three Inches of Picatinny Rail With Two Thumb Bolts Six Bolts Secure the Scope to Each Ring With Six Bolts, Ensuring the Greatest Security The Two-Inch, Off-Set Design Increases Your Eye-Relief and Decreases Target Acquisition Time Cons Not the Smoothest Finish Monstrum started in 2008 in SoCal. They've come a long way in ten years, building a nice little reputation for themselves. A solid scope mount is vital, and you can rest easy knowing that this mount has all the features necessary to hold zero no matter what you throw at it. This scope mount works only with standard one-inch scopes. The single-piece construction ensures perfect alignment, negating the need to bother with lapping the rings. It is guaranteed not to tweak or damage your scope straight out of the box, unlike separate rings. The cantilevered design gives you a greater range of options for eye relief, potentially giving you a wider field of view and quicker target acquisition. Each ring is secured with six bolts, about the maximum you can get, to guarantee that it holds zero in rough situations. It mounts to the standard top rail on your AR-556, but could easily be switched out temporarily to any weapon with a spare three inches of Picatinny rail. The mount is made of lightweight but tough 6061 aluminum alloy and weighs a mere nine ounces. It is covered by a 100% risk-free lifetime warranty. Bottom Line This is an excellent scope mount, especially for the price. The top features are the cantilever and six-bolt design. This model really punches above its weight. Scope Reflex sights are all the rage on modern sporting rifles, but if you really want to reach out and touch something over about 150 or 200 yards, a scope makes all the difference in the world. Options abound and it can be very hard to know what to pick. Modern AR-style rifles are designed mostly for the sub-400 yard ranges that the military mostly experienced in places like Iraq. This makes something like a 1-4x magnification popular for an AR-556. It gives you a wide field of view at short range while providing adequate magnification at farther distances. A fixed 3x magnification can also be great, but the best all-around option with good long-range reach is probably a 3-9x. Best Ruger AR-556 Scope: Bushnell AR Optics 3-9x/40mm CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Backed Up by a Lifetime Warranty Features a BDC Ballistic Reticle with Aim Points Calibrated Specifically for the 5.56 NATO Round The 3-9x Magnification Range Gets the Most Out of Your AR-556 at Longer Distances With Minimal Sacrifices in Close Range Field of View Cons Somewhat Heavy Will Not Fit Most Low Scope Rings Bushnell is a well-respected American optics manufacturer out of Kansas. This model is their construction of an ideal scope for the AR platform, and it's safe to say that it is a success. The magnification range of three-nine times is optimal for squeezing the complete benefit out of the 5.56 NATO's effective range without sacrificing a lot of field of view at close range. This scope has a BDC ballistic reticle engineered specifically for 5.56 NATO cartridges that contain bullets with weights between 55 and 62 grains. The crosshair is dead on at 100 yards and the reticle boasts further aiming points up to 500 yards. The lenses are fully multi-coated and O-ring sealed as you would expect. To prevent fogging, the anodized aluminum tube is nitrogen purged. The target turrets are thick and tactile and adjust a quarter MOA per click. The scope boasts side parallax adjustment and a fast focus eyepiece. Eye relief is quite typical, if a little short at 3.5 inches. The assembly for the erector cap is located beneath the control housing and may prevent you from using low scope rings, depending on the standards of the scope ring brand. At 19 ounces, this unit is rather on the heavy side. A lifetime warranty ensures you won’t receive a shoddy piece of workmanship and that if you experience problems, they will take care of any issues. Bottom Line The BDC reticle and the magnification range are the top features that make this the best scope for your Ruger AR-556. Magazines The key things to look for in magazines are durability and reliability. Obviously, there are various capacity options available based on preference and local laws, with 30-rounds being standard. Polymer technology has come a long way and offers the benefit of being both robust and light. They can also come translucent or offer round counter windows to index how many rounds remain. Aluminum and steel are also great options, the latter being the heaviest. Two key components of the magazine are the feed lips and the follower. Feed lips should be metal, ideally steel, to prevent wear. Damaged feed lips make a magazine useless. The follower should be anti-tilt for reliable feeding. Best Ruger AR-556 Magazine: Magpul Pmag 30 5.56x45mm Magazine, 30 Round Capacity CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Easy to Disassemble Without Tools Anti-Tilt and Self-Lubricating Floorplate Simple Handling and Effective Extraction Using the Textured Surface and Flared Floorplate Wildly Popular With military and Law Enforcement, Reliability Proven in Real-World Deployment Cons Does Not Have the Additional Features of the Gen-3, but is More Affordable Magpul was founded in 1999. Its first product was a run-of-the-mill magazine reloading helper. Since then, Magpul has risen to dominate the AR-style rifle accessories field. PMAGs have helped to cement that domination in the magazine market. A 30-round, Gen-2 PMAG is a classic, bomb-proof, and inexpensive option. These mags are made of a high-tech impact and crush-resistant polymer. The internal geometry is characterized by a constant curve to ensure smooth feeding. The follower design sets the PMAG above most of its competitors. It has been designed to have anti-tilt and self-lubricating properties for the utmost reliability. Underneath it, you find a stainless steel corrosion-resistant spring that also works in military issue magazines. In terms of handiness, the PMAG has a textured gripping surface and a flared floorplate for positive handling and magazine extraction. Disassembly is simple and doesn't require the use of any tools. These mags have more than proved themselves in a plethora of military and law enforcement use cases over the decades. Bottom Line The Magpul Gen-2, 30-round PMAG is a classic choice; you can't go wrong with it. Taken into action with confidence by the boys in green and blue, this is a legendary mag that is perfect for a Ruger AR-556. The main features of the Gen-M2 PMAG are the anti-tilt, self-lubricating follower, the flared floorplate, and the simple disassembly. The lower price than the Gen-M3 version will be attractive to many. Grips Replacement grips offer better ergonomics. Again, this is a matter of fit and personal preference. Things to consider are your hand size and which grip angle, standard or reduced, is most comfortable for you. Some shooters prefer palm swells, beavertails, or finger grooves. You have options in texture as well, rubberized versus hard finish and smooth versus aggressive texturing. Best Ruger AR-556 Grip: MAGPUL - AR-15 MOE+ Grip CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Easy to Install Optional Storage Compartment Tough, High-End One-Piece Polymer Construction Features Crackle Texturing and "Wraparound Rubber Overmolding" Curved Beavertail Protects the Web of Your Thumb and Offers Comfort Cons Beavertail Fit is a Bit Loose Storage Door is Hard to Open Magpul is the 800-pound gorilla of the modern sporting rifle accessories market. You can spend thousands of hours with range rats and real-world tactical operators and never hear a harsh word said about Magpul. Although choosing the right grip is a matter of fit and preference, this Magpul MOE+ is a great place to start. It is constructed of a single piece of high-tech, impact-proof polymer and features wrap-around rubber overmolding. There is a crackle texture on the sides and deep horizontal grooves on both the backstrap and the front strap. The height is 4 inches and the thickness maxes out at 1.2 inches. The grip angle is a standard 25 degrees. The feel is very similar to a standard medium-sized, military-issue MIAD grip. A curved beavertail, similar to the one on the MIAD B2 insert, gives good comfort and protection to the web of your thumb. The hard polymer bottom edge reduces snags and fumbles. Optional storage cores are available to turn the bottom into a storage hatch. The MOE+ is available in black, tan, grey, or green and is easy to install. Overall weight with hardware is a mere 3.4 ounces. Like all Magpul products, it is made in the U.S.A. Bottom Line Magpul is always a safe choice no matter what accessory you need. The best feature of this grip is the comfortable geometry, especially with the beavertail. Bipods A bipod can be crucial for longer range accuracy. Bipods usually telescope, offering a variety of height ranges depending on your needs, with 6-9 inches offering a happy medium. As shooting terrain is rarely smooth and predictable, the ability of a bipod to tilt or rotate comes in very handy. Also, different bipods will mount to different rail systems or sling swivel mounts, so it's important to match it to what you have available. Best Ruger AR-556 Bipod: ​CVLIFE 6-9 "Inches Tactical Rifle" Bipod CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros "Picatinny Rail Adapter" Included Features a Quick Detach Sling Swivel Mount Silent Springs are Strong But Loose, Allowing You to Fold Up the Legs Silently Legs are Adjustable to Five Height Settings Within a Range of Six to Nine Inches Rugged Construction Featuring Aircraft-Grade 7075 Aluminum and Hardened Steel Cons Rubber Feet are Not Very Durable Overall Build Quality Leaves Something to be Desired CVLIFE is a bit of an enigma. The best I can judge is that it is not based in the U.S.A., but somewhere like China. The kitten memes on their Twitter feed aren't exactly something you see with H&K or Magpul. Despite basically being a low-brand-recognition company, CVLIFE's bipods are a resounding success in the shooting community, probably because they get the job done reliably for a very affordable price. At ten ounces, it is also reasonably light. Nevertheless, the construction uses quality hardened steel and aircraft-grade 7075 anodized aluminum. The silent (more accurately, 'not loud') springs allow you to deploy the bipod legs without betraying your presence and location. The six to nine-inch leg length range includes five length settings to let you adjust to just the right height to make your shot. Underneath, there is a quick detach swivel stud. It also comes with detachable rubber foot pads. It attaches to your Ruger AR-556 with an included Picatinny rail adapter. Bottom Line CVLIFE may be an unknown entity, but they seem to employ some pretty sharp engineers. The best features of this bipod are the included Picatinny mount adapter and the QD sling swivel mount. Speed Loader Loading a mag by hand is a boring waste of time. Modern sporting rifles like the Ruger AR-556 may not be stripper clip compatible, but the next best thing is a speed loader. Given the savings in time and the affordability of the average speed loader, the cost-benefit ratio is an absolute no-brainer. When choosing one, look for durable materials and a reputable manufacturer. Best Ruger AR-556 Speed Loader: ​ETS Speed Loader CHECK LATEST PRICE Pros Made in the U.S.A. Rugged and Portable Backed By a Lifetime Warranty Easy to Use, a Great Time-Saver Works Best With Common 20-Round Ammo Trays Compatible With Almost "Any Rifle Magazine" and Certainly With Any AR Magazine Cons Requires Lubrication This is basically a stripper clip that you can fit on any rifle magazine and use the same way. Plus, it lets you easily scoop rounds from an ammo tray and smoothly feed them into your mags. Besides scooping up rounds, the loader works well with 20-round boxes of ammo or simply with loose rounds. Not only does this save a lot of time, but it also saves you from experiencing the bane of any shooter, mag thumb. It is constructed of a durable polymer and, crucially, will not damage the feed lips on any of your mags. It is small, portable, and easy to keep in a range bag or somewhere like a glove compartment or bug-out kit. It is covered by a lifetime warranty and is made in the U.S.A. Bottom Line If you have used stripper clips on something like an old M1A, you will be right at home with this device. Life is short, why waste it loading mags one-by-one, especially if you have followed our guide on the best AR-556 mags and stocked up with dozens? The best features of this speed loader are the universal compatibility, the feed lip-safe design, and the fact that it's made in the U.S.A. The lifetime warranty is nice to sweeten the pot, too. Conclusion The Ruger AR-556 gives you endless possibilities for customization. After shooting it for a while in different scenarios you should get an idea about what the most important upgrades for your physique and preferences are. We're sure you can find some of the best options on our list.


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